These varieties are grown on the winter hardy Bud 118 semi dwarf rootstock, or the dwarf Bud 9 rootstock, and are hardy to Canada zone 3, northern Ontario and Quebec, and most areas of the prairie provinces.   SEE ALSO CRAB APPLES 

 Alexander  see heirloom apple section 

BANCROFT   Order now for LATE  FALL 2017 / SPRING 2018  on EMLA 111 roots

CARLOS QUEEN    A pale green apple sometimes blushed with gold, creamy white flesh, crisp, excellent flavour, also good for cooking. Does not brown quickly when cut. From Rocky Mountain House by Robert Erskine, released commercially in 1972. Parents are Antonovka x Manitoba . Harvest early September. Very winter hardy for cold climates 

CARROLL  Order now for LATE  FALL 2017 / SPRING 2018  on EMLA 111 roots                 A summer apple ripening at Siloam Orchards in mid August. One of our favorite early varieties, we find it crisp with a unique complex fruity spright and lively flavor. As with nearly all summer apples, Carroll must be used promptly as it will not keep. Quality is better in years without excessive heat.   Carroll is a seedling of Morden 5029-EL52, ( a seedling of Moscow Pear) x Melba, also has Malinda in parentage released from Morden Research Station, Morden Manitoba 1961. First selected by Dr. C.R. Ure and W.L. Kerr in 1954. Very winter hardy, for zone 3 

  Crimson Beauty, Duchess of Oldenburg,     see heirloom apples

 FIRESIDE            A winter hardy variety for cold regions, somewhat reminiscent of Red Delicious. Most agree that Fireside has superior flavor and texture than modern Delicious. Fruit is conical, greenish with scarlet striping /orange mottling, large, crisp, juicy, greenish white to yellowish flesh, sweetly subacid, good winter keeper in cold storage.    Tree is vigorous, hardy in zone 3. The parentage of Fireside is Longfield x McIntosh, 1943, from the Excelsior Fruit Breeding Farm, University of Minnesota. 

  FROSTBITE          A Minnesota selection ;  open pollinated seedling of Malinda. Smallish, quite late apples excellent for storage. Green somewhat tough skin overlaid / striped with dark bronze red, golden yellow flesh, very firm and crisp, very sweet with a fruity sometimes banana taste. One of the best varieties for long term storage, where the flavor improves and develops its complex nature. Very winter hardy for cold climates, Canada zone 3. Requires sufficient irrigation during summer months. Some resistance to fireblight. 

      HIBERNAL  see heirloom apple section

 HONEYGOLD      Golden Delicious does not grow particularly well here, often lacking in size and winter hardiness. We lost all of our Goldens  after the deep freeze of 1994. We grow Honeygold instead which is winter hardy, ripens before Golden and in fact most of our customers prefer Honeygold over Golden Delicious. A cross of Golden Delicious x Haralson ( a very winter hardy type), released in 1969.  KEEPSAKE     The dominant parent of Honeycrisp.  A very winter hardy apple for the north that has remarkable storage ability. Harvested in October at Siloam Orchards, it will keep until spring in cold storage, and improves in flavor while in storage. Fruit is hard, crisp, juicy light yellow flesh, fine grained, aromatic out of storage.     Parentage includes Northern Spy, Malinda, and Minnesota 447, from Minnesota, 1979. Tree is moderately vigorous and may have resistance to fireblight.     Notes from Siloam Orchards storage trials: February 20/2001 – Excellent for eating, not mealy, still crisp, good flavor.    

  LOBO       An open pollinated seedling of McIntosh, from Agriculture Canada, Ottawa, 1930. Excellent mid season variety, ripens mid September at Siloam Orchards, prior to McIntosh, all purpose, makes great pies. Winter hardy, performs well in zone 4 also grown in zone 3 with shelter. Popular in  Quebec, never widely grown elsewhere

Lubsk Queen, McMahon White,  see heirloom apple section 

 ORIOLE   A selection from the Minnesota breeding program, introduced in 1949, resulting as a cross of Yellow Transparent and Liveland Raspberry. Tree is very hardy, vigorous, spreading, heavy cropper. Fruit ripens early in August. Flavour is sweet and subacid, aromatic ; fruit is often very large, striped and splashed red ; flesh is creamy white, juicy , tender, fine grained.  

 Red Astrachan,   see heirloom apple section 

SANDOW  A cold hardy and somewhat disease resistant Northern Spy type. Has the terrific cooking traits of Spy , for areas where the tender Spy cannot be grown.  From the Ag Canada station at Ottawa, 1912 

STATE FAIR   Early ripening variety ; about September 1st here at Siloam. Large orange red fruit that is firmer than many of this harvest period if not allowed to become over ripe. Released from Minnesota in 1978 as a result of a cross of Oriole and Mantet

 SWEET  16        Very winter hardy apple from Minnesota, a cross of Northern Spy and Minnesota 447, introduced in 1978. Sweet with a nice hint of tang. Ripens early October at our location. 

 Tolman Sweet, Wealthy, Wolf River, Yellow Transparent.    See heirloom apple section


CHESTNUT       Seedling of Malinda from U of Minn selected 1921 introduced 1946. A large crab 2” yellow maybe russetted base with light red / bronze striping. Yellow flesh spright nutty flavor good fresh eating or great preserves such as brandied or spiced crabs. Mid September ripening, later than many crabs, also mid season bloom useful as a pollenizer for most apples.

   COWICHAN    One of the “Lake Series” of ‘Rosybloom’ crabapples originated by Isabella Preston at the Central Experimental Farm at Ottawa Canada and planted there in 1952. The ‘Rosyblooms’ are hybrids of Malus pumila ‘Niedzwetzkyana’ and Malus baccata ( Siberian Crab ). Large fruited crab, makes a dark red jelly, early bloom, deep pink flowers and bronze foliage.  Gorgeous ornamental . To be evaluated for cider 2017

 DOLGO CRAB A small dark red crab that makes a gorgeous clear red jelly. Pick early September. The tree is very winter hardy to zone 3, and has some disease resistance. One of the earliest apples to bloom in the spring, a terrific show of white flowers, it also has attractive red fall colour. A good pollinator for early blooming apples. From Russia, early 1900’s.  

GOLDEN HORNET   A crab blooming later than most, excellent pollinator. 1/2 inch yellow fruit, resistant to apple scab , makes a unique golden jelly 


 HYSLOP CRAB    A large brilliant red or purple crab of unknown origin dating at least to 1869. Harvest when first ripe when fruit is juicy before it becomes dry and mealy. Excellent for jelly, pickling and cider. Ripens late August/early September, winter hardy.   

KERR  CRABAPPLE   A dark purple, sometimes nearly black crab , that is later ripening than the majority of crabapples, in September and stores better than most crabs. Good quality for preserves. Flesh is yellowish flecked with dark red, exceptionally juicy, sweet /sprightly acid. From  W. L Kerr, Ag Canada Morden, Manitoba, 1952, a seedling of Dolgo x Haralson. Very winter hardy to Zone 3.  White flowers, very productive 

 RESCUE CRAB      From the Scott Experimental Station, Ag. Canada, introduced 1933. Very winter hardy for the north, some fireblight resistance. Late August. Use for preserves promptly after harvest. Medium size crab, striped dull red, yellowish white flesh. A seedling of Blushed Calville.   

SCUGOG        One of Isabella Prestons “Lake Series” , see COWICHAN CRAB. Purple flowers, brilliant red fruit for jelly and preserves. 

SIMCOE        Rose pink flowers, reddish bronze foliage, bright red/yellow fruit.

  TRAIL CRAB      Large crabapple or applecrab pick late August. Tangy flavor for preserving. Parentage Northern Queen x Rideau from Ag. Canada 1920. Very winter hardy. Zone 3.